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MOBILE sawing & splitting with the Vario powerhouse

SpaltFix K-650 Vario mobile

Uses large logs to produce fine billets with variably adjustable edge length and of premium quality.

SpaltFix K-650 Vario mobile 07.04.2017

The variable firewood processor SpaltFix K-Vario with chassis: Sawing, splitting and loading firewood everywhere you want. In-house, for different lumberyards, machinery rings or contract work - the firewood processor with tractor or road chassis delivers the transportable professional solution. The combination of PowerCut and AutoSplit lets you process even the thickest logs into firewood with an adjustable edge length.
Charge the SpaltFix K-Vario, for example, with a lumber trailer or a tractor crane!

Processes large logs into fine, premium-quality billets with variably selectable edge lengths!

  • Log diameter max. 65 cm
  • Billet length max. 25–50 cm
  • Number of billets max. pro Arbeitsgang 50
  • Hydraulic log feed with manipulator and 8 feed rollers
  • Sawing system SuperCut Harvester 90 cm
  • Hydraulic saw advance with double gripper
    and automatic stop lifting
  • Buffer belt 2 m
  • VARIO splitting system with cable
    remote control
  • Variable billet edge length 5–15 cm
  • Splitting power 16 t
  • Spring-mounted feed belt – increases
    operational safety and reduces splitting forces
  • Oil cooler

SpaltFix K-Vario

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The POSCH SpaltFix K-Vario in action

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