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Ensures a continuous supply of wood

Log charging for firewood processors

Flexible combinations for large volumes of wood

Logs "ready to hand" for further processing.

The automatic SpaltFix firewood processors process large volumes of logs into finished firewood. Suitable charging systems make your work easier and ensure continuous production. POSCH offers you a range of different solutions for the most exacting requirements.
Holzzufuhr, Querförderer PLUS, Rundlinge

Log supports for any volume of wood

Logs are placed down by tractor or loading crane and made available for further processing. The POSCH log supports can be combined with chain or roller conveyors according to the requirements. The cross conveyor PLUS stores logs up to a length of max. 6 m and offers a log support of up to 6.2 m.

Vereinzelner für Rundholz

Separator for log separation

You can choose from different options for log separation. The star separator can be integrated directly on the cross conveyor. The separator ensures that the individual logs are passed on to the longitudinal conveyor in an ideal manner.

Longitudinal conveyor for log feeding

With the roller conveyor logs (up to Ø 55 cm) are placed on sturdy, hydraulically operated rollers. A double chain conveyor is used in addition. The sturdy chain with pusher dogs glides on maintenance-free plastic guides and ensures a continuous supply for the automatic firewood processor.

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