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New storage towers for spare parts

The right spare parts at hand even quicker!

Our new storage system helps us deliver the right spare part to you even faster! 14.09.2016

POSCH machinery is built for generations. Having the right spare parts at hand for every customer at any time is one of the reasons for the impressive value stability of our machinery: We guarantee you the delivery of spare parts for 20 years.
Ersatzteile perfekt organisiert

Perfect organisation of spare parts

The organisation and management of so many different spare parts is a logistic masterpiece: Our two new storage towers are of much use for us – the largest is 10 metres high. They make the picking of the requested parts easier for our staff and save us time and ensure shorter distances.

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When your POSCH machine requires a new part after years in use, our new storage system comes into play. It is based on the FIFO principle – first in, first out. The parts that are requested most often are made availably especially quickly as a result. Consequently, we will have your spare part at hand in next to no time too – ready to be dispatched!

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