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SpaltFix S-375
The powerful firewood processor with WIDIA log saw

Performance data
  • Efficient 37 cm Log ∅ max.
  • Powerful 12 t Splitting power max.
  • Fast 25 srm/h Loose cubic metres/h max.

The incredibly powerful firewood processor for you

The SpaltFix S-375 saves you a lot of time for firewood processing. The all-rounder manages to cut, split and load in just one work cycle. The SpaltFix S-375 is the ideal equipment with more power for processing whole logs into billets.

The SpaltFix S-375 convinces with many useful features

Posch firewood procesoor SpaltFix S-360
  • Turns logs into billets
  • Easy to control via joystick
  • AutoSpeed + Turbo package for extremely quick working
  • Powerful WIDIA saw blade
  • Compact dimensions for easy transportation
  • OnlyCut system
  • Turns logs into billets
    Spaltmesser für vier Teile beim Sägespalter
    Saves you a lot of time for firewood processing. The SpaltFix cuts, splits and loads in one work cycle. The possible result per splitting cycle is maximum 8 billets.
  • Easy to control via joystick
    Joystick Bedienpult beim Sägespalter SpaltFix S-360
    As soon as the log has reached the SpaltFix, the cutting and splitting process can be controlled safely and easily with the joystick.
  • AutoSpeed + Turbo package for extremely quick working
    Arbeitsraum Innenraum des Sägespalters
    With the standard Autospeed, the POSCH SpaltFix S-375 always selects the optimum splitting speed depending on the splitting process, and it is characterised by a particularly fast splitting and return speed. The hydraulic downholder and the automatically lifting timber stop prevent jamming. The optional TURBO package lets you process up to 25 loose cubic metres of billets per hour.
  • Powerful WIDIA saw blade
    Kreissägeblatt, leistungsstarkes WIDIA Sägeblatt
    For an increased cutting power and a longer useful life, a reinforced WIDIA saw blade with a diameter of up to 90 cm is installed. This guarantees a quieter and more powerful cutting process.
  • Compact dimensions for easy transportation
    Sägespalter beim Transport mittels Dreipunkt. Antrieb über Zapfwelle
    Thanks to the three-point linkage, the SpaltFix is ideally equipped for demanding applications in the field. It can be changed from the transport in the work position in a short time and so it is ready for action immediately.
  • OnlyCut system
    Posch Brennholzautomat Sägespalter, Sägespaltautomat SpaltFix S-375
    The SpaltFix S-375 can also be used as high-performance saw without splitting knife. The splitting knife can be removed in only a few steps, and then the unit produces the desired sawn timber in a short period of time. Short sections, for example, can be processed into kindling in the Autosplit.

The best result with the right product from POSCH

Fast and efficient firewood processing for all requirements.
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Easily increase your firewood production with the split cutter.

The S-375 offers an ideal combination of performance and manoeuvrability. Its outstanding technology fulfils many requirements of professional timber processing.

Cutting, splitting and loading with the mobile all-rounder

In one work cycle, eight uniform billets are produced from logs with a diameter of up to 37 cm, and they are transferred to the loading station via the conveyor belt right away. The POSCH SpaltFix S-375 makes timber processing as easy as possible. Users who have experienced the benefits first-hand will never want to go without the exceptionally convenient firewood processing technique, the high hourly output and the premium processing quality.

Firewood processor WIDIA log saw blade for firewood processing, automatic splitter for log diameters up to 37 cm

Ideally suited for cooperatives and firewood producers

In continuous operation, the S-375 convinces with its constant power. The hydraulic advance transports the timber to the high-grade WIDIA circular saw blade via the conveyor belt. The hydraulic downholder and the automatically lifting timber stop prevent timber from jamming during the cutting process. A conveyor belt that slants to the rear optimises the cutting cycle and ensures a high cutting performance even with smaller log diameters.

More billets per hour with the TURBO package

With our compact SpaltFix S-375, you can produce up to 20 loose cubic metres of billets per hour on your own. If that is still too slow for you, opt for the optional TURBO package, which enables an increase in performance up to 25 loose cubic metres per hour! The cut splitter is equipped with an enlarged hydraulic system and a splitting stroke reduction that can be shut off for that purpose.

TURBO package

Sägespalter SpaltFix S-375 ist auch als Hochleistungssäge ohne Spaltmesser einsetzbar

The S-375 gives you more options

For a precise splitting process, the hydraulic splitting knife adjustment quickly puts the knife in the right height. You can easily change push-on knives to produce 4, 6 or 8 billets. Also included as standard: the user-friendly joystick control for the hydraulic drives for log supply, saw blade and splitting unit. In addition, the S-375 also works as an OnlyCut system (picture on the right). As standard, the splitting knife unit can be removed in only a few steps, and then the SpaltFix can be used as a high-performance saw.

Automatically better results per hour.

Special equipment ex works and accessory equipment for an even better SpaltFix S-375

Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment that make firewood processing even easier.
Log charging

Optimum charging for increased hourly output

The ideal method for every application

The right supply with logs is critical for an efficient work flow in firewood processing. Depending on the log length, you can choose from different options here. The flexible solutions fulfil the most exacting requirements.

The log support with lifting device – for logs up to 2 metres

The log support lifts the individual logs of a max. length of 2 m and a diameter of 30 cm off the floor to processing height and gets them ready for use. The log support is simply plugged in to the hydraulic system, it is easy to transport, and your SpaltFix can easily be used for split cutting in different locations.

Working faster and more efficiently with the right charging systems for logs – from 2 to 5 metres

The longitudinal conveyors for logs from 2 to 5 metres in different lengths and designs increase the efficiency of the SpaltFix.

The longitudinal conveyor can be combined with a suitable cross conveyor in a log support system for the charging of larger volumes of timber. So they are ready for further processing and more firewood is continuously produced every hour.

  • Zuführtisch Kettenförderer Stammbeschickung
    Chain conveyors
  • Zuführtisch Stammbeschickung zur Brennholzaufbereitung
    Roller and cross conveyors
  • Sägespalter mit Stammpuffer, Zuführtisch, Holzauflage
    Timber support systems for larger timber volumes
Special equipment

More billets per hour

TURBO package

The TURBO package enables a further increase of performance up to 25 loose cubic metres per hour for cutting lengths up to 33 cm! The cut splitter is equipped with an enlarged hydraulic system and a splitting stroke reduction that can be shut off for that purpose.


For the automatic monitoring of the rotational speed of the saw blade and to avoid power peaks and the resulting overload of the tractor, SawControl is also optionally available. It is driven via the 12-V voltage supply from the tractor or the electric drive and is equipped with an integrated hours counter.

More about TURBO package and SawControl

Longitudinal chassis

Longitudinal chassis makes SpaltFix road-worthy

The tractor chassis for the S-375 is available in two different versions. Without brake system, it can be used on your own private property with up to 10 km/h. Please observe the national road traffic acts in Europe that partially allow the operation of an agricultural or forestry trailer not approved for traffic on public roads (without brake system with a speed limit) under certain conditions. For the tractor chassis up to 25 km/h with overrun brake and light unit, approval for road transportation is possible as well.

Cleaning and bagging billets

Cleaning and packing up in one work cycle

The billet cleaner LogFix and the bagging device PackFix Hydro let you clean and bag firewood in next to no time. Without any further work, the PackFix delivers a finished pack of wood that can be transported, stored or naturally sold at once. Find out more >>

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The POSCH SpaltFix S-375 in action

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Convincing from every perspective: The SpaltFix S-375

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